Acoustic Hood

Noise pollution due to process equipment’s is a statutory concern in industries. Many countries has made stringent laws/guidelines to control/minimise the level of sound pollution.

Air blowers are prone to create noise pollution due to air churning action. The blower noise is major concern in STP, ETP at residential or commercial silent zones, IT Parks, Hospitals etc.

We at CTPAC has expertise to design and mfg. acoustic Hoods /Enclosures as per process needs.

We also manufacture sound enclosures for different industrial applications.

Advantages of CTPAC Acoustic Enclosures –

  • Noise reduction @ 25 -30 %.
  • Maintenance friendly design for Blower preventive maintenance activities.
  • Equipped with Exhaust Fans to maintain temp. requirements of enclosure.
  • Modular construction for ease in installation, transportation & shifting.
  • Can be installed in shed free open atmosphere.
  • Powder Coated with good aesthetics.