Lobe Blower

Twin lobe blowers, generally referred as “Roots blowers” . Lobe blowers are principally positive displacement blowers. The pressure is generated against inline resistance by involute shaped lobes Or rotors in oval shaped casing. Lobes pair may be Twin or Tri. These blowers deliver oil free air.

Mainly used in water /Sewage /Effluent Treatment plant and Aquaculture, Pharma Industry for aeration/Oxidation purpose. The also offer unique benefit in Pneumatic conveying system. When reversed they used for Vacuum generation applications.

They consist of a pair of involute profiled (shape of 8) lobes/rotors rotating inside an oval shaped casing, closed at ends by side plates.One lobe is the driving lobe, which is driven by the external power, while the driven lobe is driven by a pair of equal ratio gears.

These blowers are mainly casted in CI casting. For Rotors are in SG iron due to lubricating property.

As per requirement the blowers can be constructed in SS304, SS316 etc. Sometimes rotors and internal wetted parts are given special treatment /coating like chrome plating, Galvanizing, Teflon Coating etc. to avoid corrosion effect. 

While ordering /selecting following points needs to be considered-

    • Application- For which process /plant the blower is used? Water treatment/Aquaculture/Pneumatic conveying/Gas Conveying/Pharma Oxidation etc.

    • Capacity- Air flow requirement in m3/hr OR CFM.

    • Pressure/Vacuum – Required pressure or Vacuum in mbar OR MMWC.

    • Site details- Altitude,Max./Min. Temp. ,Humidity etc.