Twin Lobe Blower,Tri Lobe Blower, Positive Displacement Blower,Vane Blower,Rotary Blower

Twin / Tri Lobe Blower

We are authorized channel partner for KPT make Twin/Tri Lobe blowers. We offer sales and service for KPT blowers on PAN India basis. We have trained technical staff to attend the sales/service query.Blowers are available from 15 CMH to 10000 cmh from 100 -1100 mbar pressure.

Centrifugal Blower

We design and manufacture Centrifugal Fans, Axial/Tube Axial Fans,De-gaser Blower, Man Coolers with wide range of required capacities and MOC.

Acoustic Hood , Sound Proof Canopy for blower to avoid noise Pollution.

Acoustic Hood

Sound damping is need of time as per legal and factory std. We design and mfg. soundproof cabins for air blower,Centrifugal Fans and noise generating Equipment.

After Cooler

After cooler is used to reduce the temp. of air at outlet.We design both shell N Tube and Fin types with wide choice of MOC and cooling media.

Hot Air Blower

Hot Air Blower is an industrial machine that is installed with a Centrifugal Blower to deliver air continuously at low/high pressure.