Water Treatment Plants

Clean and sufficient drinking water is right of every human being.

We at CTPAC honour this right and put our best efforts to provide latest and cutting edge technology in our WTP to provide clean drinking and utility water.

Ordinary tap water though looks clean and safe may contain dissolved solids and metal. It may contain hazardous levels of Nitrates, Chlorine, Iron, Mercury, lead and mineral salts. Sometimes it may contain pathogens and harmful Bacteria.

We Design, Manufacture, Install and Commission Water Treatment Plants (WTP) for treating the drinking and utility water sourced from Reservoir, bore well, River, spring, Dams etc.

We offer our services on turnkey basis right from project consultancy, Execution up to Implementation and fulfilling statutory requirements as per need.

Treatment Technology offered –

WTP plant treatment recipe mainly includes physical, Chemical and ionic process followed by filtration and conditioning treatment.

Typical WTP includes combination of following as per requirement.

  • Flocculation/coagulation system
  • Gravity/pressure filtration system
  • Micro Cartridge filter.
  • Carbon filter and polishing units.
  • Membrane [RO/Ultrafiltration]
  • Softener, Resin based filtration.
  • Disinfection system Chlorine dosing, Ozonetor, UV.

Material of Construction –

Water Treatment Plant is basically consists of process tanks, Pressure Vessels, Membrane with electro –mechanical system.

We offer plants in civil Construction, Pre-fabricated or Containerised or Skid Mounted in MS/FRP/HDPE.

The choice of MOC and footprint depends upon capacity of the plant.