Consultancy Services

We offer our Domain technical expertise and years of Industrial Experience to Formulate , Manage and Control the Project Life Cycle.

Our consultancy services activity is further grouped as:-

Project, Environment Consultancy Services Road Map

Design Engineering:

Selection of suitable technology. Conceptual Design, Estimation and Process Engineering for designing of plant as per process and site requirements. Detailed engineering of all electro- mechanical processes. BOQ and specification preparation for all components. Setting of Inspection, Quality std. & benchmarks.

Proposal/Bid/Procurement Engineering:

Vendor Selection, Floating Enquires and getting offers, Pre bid /Post bid technical discussions and shortlisting of Vendors, Making techno-commercial comparison. Assistance for bid finalization.

Post BID Activities-

Site monitoring /Supervision to asses engineering activities for proper and timely completion of the project. Inspection and approvals for vendor docs./Equipment/Drgs. etc.Load/No load testing of all equipment. Successful commissioning of plant and process.


— MPCB Liasoning.

— Consents & Environmental Statement.

— Environmental Audit.

— Operator /Staff Training and awareness programee