Hot Air Blower

Hot Air Blower is an industrial machine that is installed with a Centrifugal Blower to deliver air continuously at low/high pressure.

The heating is achieved by Electrical heaters OR Hot Steam supply. The ambient air temp. can be raised up to 250 Deg. Centigrade as per requirements.

We manufacturing hot air blowers for various industrial applications as per process requirements. The system can be designed in close loop OR open loop air circulations. Also it is further classified into-

      • High volume hot air blower.
      • High Pressure Hot air blower.

Construction –

This unit is fabricated by using premium-grade materials that impart high robustness and rigidity.

1. Centrifugal Blower and heater Box- MS, SS 304/302/316.

2. Heating Elements- Industrial grade finned heaters with SS tube.

3. Coating – Heat Resistant Thermal paint for heat area.

4. Insulation – Rock Wool as per requirement.

5. Electrical Control Panel- Std. Industry grade construction with all required Indicators, Display, Alarm, Control mechanism for Auto/Manual operation.

Applications in Industry:

Sugar drying in Grasshopper conveyor.
In food industry for Drying leaves, Vegetables, Grains, Beans etc.
Confectionary, Food processing applications.
Industrial hot air heater for Fabric rabid drying system
High Temperature hot air gun
Machined components drying system
Cables drying system
Water Drying system
High Pressure Air blowing
Moisture/humidity Removal system
In food industry for Drying leaves, Vegetables, Grains etc.