Biogas Plant

Biogas plant works on the principle of anaerobic digestion.This is basically fermentation procedure wherein organic waste is processed to generate methane gas (biogas). The process is purely biological and carried out by natural microorganisms and bacteria. The biogas plant gives output in the form of Methane gas and Nutrient rich slurry.

The methane gas can be further utilized for Electricity Generation, Cooking & Heating purpose, Bio CNG production.

The slurry can be dried and used as nutrient rich Compost / bio fertilizer for Agricultural and gardening use.

Thus biogas technology is truly waste to energy generating system. The feed to biogas can be leftover food waste, human waste, Cow dung etc. organic material. The output is energy rich methane gas and good quality compost.

We are engaged in providing the best technology from concept to commissioning of –

  • Industrial and Domestic Biogas Plant.
  • Methane Purification System for Electricity generation.
  • Power generation System from biogas.

We offer concept to commissioning solutions for solid waste management and also undertake Biogas  Energy Projects on Turnkey Basis.

Designed with help of latest technology the offered plants efficiently convert organic waste into energy. Further, we are offering industry approved range of fully underground, semi-submerged or fully above the ground biogas plant as per demand.

The digesters can be constructed in civil Construction, MS/SS /GI – Fabricated, FRP and HDPE – moulded etc. as per requirement and capacity of the plant.

Capacity offered –

We offer Biogas plants from 30 KGD to 10,000 KGD.