After Cooler

After cooler is heat exchanger for cooling and normalising the hot air/gas discharge from compressor/ lobe blower/ centrifugal fan/ side channel or ring blowers.

During adiabatic compression in blower/compressor chamber the temp. of inlet air/gas gets increased. As a result this the discharge air/gas becomes very hot.This hot air/gas is conveyed and used in processes at short distances. Which is harmful to some processes when it is directly used.

In case of STP/ETP the hot air may be harmful to bacteria in digestor tanks.

In pneumatic conveying material like cement,plastic,sugar etc. change their properties at elevated temp.

So it is to be cooled at normal atmospheric or desired temp. by using after coolers or heat exchangers. The hot air/gas is passed through the heat exchanger to exchange the heat with cooling media -generally tap water.The cooling media is further cooled by Cooling Towers or Chilling systems as per the system or process requirements.

We at CTPAC has expertise to design and mfg. After coolers as per process needs.

As per process requirements after coolers of following types are generally used.

  1. Shell And tube  –

Hot air in tube and cooling media in shell is the method to get the desired temp. Reduction. The flow conditions, tube size, Tube type, Tube and shell material depends upon cooling effect to be achieved.

The cooling media is generally water supplied from tap water,Cooling Tower or Chilling unit.

We design and mfg. all different technology and material combinations for shell and Tube heat Exchangers.

  • Fin type –

These are best suitable heat exchangers for Blower/ Fan applications.

It mainly constitutes outer shell and finned Tube condenser. The MOC depends upon cooling effect desired, air flow and space constraint.

The cooling media is generally water supplied from tap water, Cooling Tower or Chilling unit.