Air Blower AMC

Air blower is critical equipment in a plant. The plant may be Water Treatment Plant or Pneumatic Conveying Plant or Gas conveying Plant. The application of air blower in the plant is very important to run the plant smoothly. So the maintenance of Air Blower is of prime importance for functionality of the system. 

Prevention is Better than Cure – 

Air Blowers are running at continuous duty. Few hours of breakdown hamper the plant production. To prevent these un expected events following should be considered –

  • Proper preventive maintenance as per mfg. guidelines.
  • Standby and working Blower arrangement.
  • Blowers are to be run in fixed running cycles, giving sufficient breaks in operation.
  • Critical spares should be in stock.
  • Strictly following of Lubrication schedule, using recommended grade & quantity of oil & grease lubricants.
  • Cleaning of suction/inlet Filter element as per schedule.
  • For both air cooled & water cooled blowers-proper ventilation is required.

Air Blower Servicing

We undertake Air Blower Servicing. The servicing contract can be Annual Maintenance Contract OR Occasional -Case to case basis. The Annual contract is based on fixed service visits for preventive maintenance of air blower.

Silent Features of Service Contract-

  • Thoroughly blower health checkup for any abnormalities.
  • Carrying out preventive maintenance activities as per laid down standards or SOP.
  • Monitoring for efficiency trials for blower.
  • Assistance for spare procurement and inventory planning.
  • Training of operator for Blower operation-maintenance
  • Quick assistance for breakdown of equipment.

Customer Benefits-

  • Overall Enhancement in equipment performance by safe and trouble free operation.
  • Unscheduled breakdown is prevented which improves Equipment Uptime and overall system performance.
  • Enhanced spares inventory planning and procurement.
  • Proper service/performance data keeping and analysis will avoid heavily costing future major breakdowns.
  • Expert assistance for process improvement.